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The Miss Asia Pacific International Pageant wa launched in 1968, originally as the "Miss Asia Quest" with 18 partiicpating countries. The annual pageants were held in the Philippines, Malaysia, New Zealand and Hongkong, featuring various resort destinations and tourist havens of the host countries.

In 1984, when New Zealand hosted the 16th pageant in Christchurch, countries from Central and South America, including the USA and Canada participated. In 1985, Miss Asia exprienced its first milestone and transformed into the "Miss Asia Pacific Quest" when close to 40 countries participated in the glittery pageant held for the first time and the next four years thereafter in Hongkong.

The most recent milestone was attained when China hosted the 36th international pageant in Guangdong Province and the city of Guangzhou from March 15 to April 6, 2005 with the participation of 53 countries from all over the world.

Today, MISS ASIA PACIFIC INTERNATIONAL has a network of 87 countries and territories and is acknowledged as the first and oldest international beauty pageant in Asia.

Miss Asia Pacific International is governed by its original Board of Directors, namely JOSEPH T. TAN as its Chairman, JACQUELINE C. TAN, Director, MICHAEL TAN, Director, JEFFERSON C. TAN, Treasurer, ROBERTO DE VENECIA, President. They are distinguished personalities stemming from various sectors of society.

Miss Asia Pacific International Limited is principally managed by its Board of Directors through its Executive Committee.

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